The Cure For Erectile Disfunction Could Potentially Be Found In This Spider's Venom

The Cure For Erectile Disfunction Could Potentially Be Found In This Spider's Venom

Brazilian researchers could have found a solution to erectile problems which is more effective than Viagra in the deadly venom of this spider, which is found mainly in South America.

Have you heard of Phoneutria? Behind this complicated name hides a little spider, often nicknamed ‘banana-spider’ in reference to its preferred place of residence (they love to eat bananas), and whose venom provokes prolonged erections among their victims, before potentially killing them.

Not very thrilling as a description, is it? Yet it is due to its devastating venom that researchers at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) have focused on the banana-spider. In a report published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and dated March 2019, they claim to have succeeded in extracting the PnPP-19 peptide, and synthesised the molecule in a non-toxic gel form.

’60 minute long’ erections

Applied to rats and mice suffering from erectile problems, the solution has provided excellent results: ’60 minute long’ erections and without any sign of discomfort, as explained by GQ and several British media outlets.

Even better? The product’s effects increase tenfold when combined with traditional Viagra. ‘We believe it could fill a huge gap in the market and help millions of people around the world,’ researcher Maria Elena de Lima, who led the study, told The Sun. Indeed, this discovery would help people who cannot take Viagra, such as diabetics, or those suffering from high blood pressure. However, you are advised to avoid getting too close to Phoneutria!

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