Erectile dysfunction: 3 fruits to help maintain harder and longer erections

These three fruits can help with achieving and maintaining harder and longer erections.

Erectile dysfunction: The three fruits to help with ED
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Erectile dysfunction: The three fruits to help with ED

Nearly one third of all men struggle with erectile dysfunction (ED) at one point in time in their lives. Factors that contribute to ED are plenty—they can range from underlying medical conditions, to psychological troubles, and sometimes it can even simply come down to genetics.

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Thankfully, science has created remedies to fix this problem. But perhaps even better, nature can also provide solutions. Here are three fruits that can significantly help with treating erectile dysfunction.

How do erections work?

First things first, what must be known to understand why these fruits can help one achieve better erections is that the penis requires ample blood flow in order to become and maintain erect. Nitric oxide plays a fundamental role in providing adequate blood flow to the penis.

Some foods, specifically the three fruits mentioned below, contain higher amounts of this essential molecule which regulates the flow of blood and the tone of smooth muscle—including those found within the penis.

What are the three fruits?


Not only does this summery fruit have high amounts of nitric oxide, but it also contains lots of citrulline—a precursor to nitric acid. This ingredient found in watermelons is a great solution to naturally treat ED because it helps relax blood vessels which makes it easier for blood to flow to the penis.

Oranges and blueberries

Much like what is found in dark chocolate (but much less caloric, sugar-filled and fattening) oranges and blueberries are loaded with flavonoids. This ingredient is potent enough to fight off ED as it promotes better blood flow, allowing the penis to enlarge itself upon stimulation.

One study, advanced by Oxford University, found that foods which are high in flavonoids decreases the chances of experiencing ED by 10%.

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