There's An Extremely Dangerous Wolf Spider In This Photo… Have You Seen It In Your Garden?

Adam Newport made an incredible discovery in his home in Australia. He captured a true predator, and then released it in his garden before taking a photo to show just how stealthy and extremely dangerous this beast is…

In his home, Adam Newport came face to face with a wolf spider, a particularly dangerous species, which, although isn’t deadly, can cause horrendous pain if you’re bitten… and can even make your skin rot!

Instead of killing the spider he found in his bathroom out of terror and disgust, Adam Newport decided to release it into his garden. He then had the excellent idea of taking a photo of it. In his shot, it is extremely different to spot the spider, which proves just how skilled it is in camouflage, and also how dangerous it is for mankind. Known for hunting on the ground, wolf spiders exist in every continent, so watch out when you’re sunbathing in the garden…

Anna Wilkins
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