This Is The Ridiculous Reason NASA Still Hasn't Launched An All-Female Spacewalk

For the first time, a 100% female-led space launch was supposed to take place on 29th March. However, it was cancelled because of a space suit size problem.

One small step for woman, one giant leap for humanity. That’s what should have happened on 29th March with a 100% woman-led space mission, which would have been a huge first. However, Nasa had to cancel this historic event because of a poorly-fitted space suit on board the International Space Station (ISS).

According to the announcement from the American space agency, Christina Koch will carry out its launch on Friday 29th March with the American Nick Hague. Anne McClain, who was supposed to be part of the entirely female mission, will be in charge of a mission on 8th April, with the Australian David Saint-Jacques.

An unexpected size

During her previous space mission - which was also her very first one – Anne McClain noticed that the size M fit her better that the large suit which was planned for her. To spend 17 hours working in space, it’s better to feel comfortable, and “a single medium-sized suit can be prepared before 29th March”, Nasa commented in a report.

“We do our best to predict the space suit sizes that each astronaut will need, going by which size they used while in training”, Brandi Dean, Nasa spokesperson, explained.

The problem: in space, Anne McClain’s body shape changed. “Size can change when they’re in orbit, because of changes that very low gravity can cause in the body” explained the agency. Life really is about the little things.

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