NASA to offer 500,000 dollars to the winner of space food contest

NASA is organizing a competition with $500,000 up for grabs. The objective of the game is to find a way to feed the astronauts more efficiently in space.

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NASA likes to involve the public in its projects. Let's not mince words, it's also a good way for this agency to find ideas. At the start of the year, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration launched a very original competition open to all. But above all, there is a big reward for the most ingenious of you.

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You can take part in it

NASA has teamed up with the Canadian Space Agency and the Privy Council Office to create this gigantic competition called the Deep Space Food Challenge. On the dedicated website, the rules are very clear.

Teams are called upon to create innovative and breakthrough technologies or food systems that require minimal inputs and maximize the production of healthy, nutritious and appetizing foods for long-duration space missions, and which have the potential to benefit to people on Earth.

$500,000 total to be won

On the website of the Deep Space Food Challenge, it is also indicated that up to 20 American teams will be able to receive 25,000 dollars for phase 1 if their ideas are accepted. The winners can then participate in phase 2.

You have until May 28, 2021 to participate and thus find a solution that could be used by astronauts but also on Earth. Because indeed, as NASA reminds us that:

Extending the duration of lunar missions requires reducing dependence on resupplying from Earth until a food system is ready to support a mission on Mars'. But 'food insecurity is also a significant chronic problem on Earth in urban, rural and harsh environments and communities.
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