Apple Announces News About The New iPhone SE2

Since the death of Steve Jobs, the Apple brand has really struggled to develop a new dynamic for the iPhone. In 2016, Apple released its iPhone SE. Today, it seems like Apple will soon be releasing a new iPhone model that named, the iPhone SE2.

In 2016, the iPhone SE presented to the audience in Cupertino, California had everyone in agreement. Featuring a four-inch screen like the old 2013 5s, it’s features were identical to the 6s and sold for around £450. The most expensive model, with the same storage capacity as the 6s cost £750 and the cheapest around £420. Its ridiculous price had finally started to make potential buyers think twice about buying it.

But, according to the site Consomac, Apple now want to revive an old classic and launch a new version of the smartphone: the SE2. This phone designed in India by Winstron will have the same design and aesthetic as the older models but will have more up to date features like a higher quality camera and a faster processor. The Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) has already authorised its sale.

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