Sharks Frozen To The Bone Have Been Discovered Washing Ashore

Sharks Frozen To The Bone Have Been Discovered Washing Ashore

The United States have seen some devastating effects on underwater wildlife. The discovery of these beached frozen sharks sent shivers down the spines of the researchers! 

In recent years, North America has seen especially cold winters. The most recent cold snap crossed most of the continent, causing temperatures to drop to -50°C in some areas. Fortunately for us, avoiding the cold and staying warm is easy. However, for wild animals, the situation is completely different.

The frightening discovery 

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy happened upon a rather frightening discovery on the beaches of Massachusetts: the volunteers found three beached frozen shark carcasses.In fact, underwater fauna is not used to withstand very low temperatures in seawater, so sharks have paid for the consequences. The extreme cold costed these poor animals their lives.

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So if you think you've got it bad this winter, keep that in mind when you see the footage. 

Check out the video to see the shocking images!

Stacey Williams
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