Psychologists Reveal What Really Happens When You Don't Do The Deed

These days it seems like the birds and the bees are all around us - and yet, people are getting intimate less and less. So what happens to people who don’t do the deed? Can we survive without making love? Check out the video above for what psychologists say...

Recently, lots of studies have confirmed that people are getting intimate less and less and some, like the study led by academic David Spiegelhalter, have even predicted that people won’t make love anymore at all by 2030.

But is it possible to live without doing the deed? How do you do it? Why are those who choose to be in platonic relationships seen as strange?

Having a sex drive isn’t a necessity, it’s a psychological need but not physiological. And not everybody has the same level of desire. However, the longer the period of abstinence lasts, the more the body gets used to it and puts it to sleep. Exercise can be a very good solution to address this and help you stay connected with your body.

There are many types of abstainers

There are those that psychoanalyst J.-D. Nasio calls the ‘sexually disillusioned’. These people do have desires but have been disappointed in the past and don’t want to suffer more in this way.

There are the abstainers that want to work on themselves first. Thinking of yourself can also result in sexual abstinence.

There are also platonic couples. Or couples that become platonic over time. Psychologist Jean-Michel Fitremann explained, ‘Sexual frustration can lead to psychosomatic symptoms […] The longer abstinence lasts, the longer it takes to get back into it, and the more patience you’ll need to have.’

Therefore, the important thing is to listen to your body and not just get physical because society says you should.

Check out the video above for more from psychologists on this fascinating issue...

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