44% Of Millennials Would Rather Do This Than Get Laid

44% Of Millennials Would Rather Do This Than Get Laid

According to a new survey by the agency Max Borges, specializing in digital strategy, 44% of millennials would be more interested in an online session with their credit card than getting between the sheets with their partner...

The idea will surely seem absurd for some, but 44% of millennials (those aged between 18-34 years) would prefer to shop on the internet rather than get laid. The American agency Max Borges has just investigated the subject and the results are quite surprising: young people, mostly women, have more fun looking for original pieces on the net than having intimate moments with others.

Shopping, endorphin creator

"Amazon shopping has become second nature to many of us and has become a powerful hub for the online purchase of consumer technology products," said Lindsay Stuart, Vice President of Business Intelligence from the Max Borges Agency. Shopping can cause as many endorphins as raunchy relationships. So why get tire yourself out when you can feel good with just a few clicks on the computer?

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Check out the video above for the full results of this surprising study!

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