This Very Special House Is For Sale In The USA

38 metres high, 10 floors, an elevator, this house is the highest in the world, and is located in Arizona in the United States.

Finding the house of your dreams is not always easy. So sometimes, the simplest solution really is to build it yourself - you can choose everything and get a tailor-made result that you like. The problem is that it must be able to please others if you decide to sell it later on.

A very special home

In Prescott, an Arizona city in the United States, the tallest house in the world is on sale for a whopping 1.5 million dollars. Nicknamed the ‘Falcon's Nest’, at its highest it reaches 38 metres in height and has 10 floors! Unfortunately, its owner has been having a hard time selling it and had to cut its price by almost half.

Many benefits

With a breathtaking view, a living area of ​​600 square metres, the house has many assets. The ‘Falcon's Nest’ is equipped with three bedrooms and four bathrooms. The perfect place to receive guests without any worries. So we are very far from the smallest house in the world that we previously reported about.

Fairy-tale house?

We hope that the house will soon find buyers who will have the chance to make this place their own. According to us, this is the ideal place to take for Princess Rapunzel at the top of this tower and see her hair fly! So, would you like to try and live in this house? If you have some money set aside, this is a very interesting investment to consider...

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