This Is The Bizarre Truth Behind Vladimir Putin's Thermos At The G20 Dinner

Internet users have been puzzled for days by Vladimir Putin's unusual act of bringing a thermos flask with him to dinner at the G20 rather than drinking out of the glasses provided. And it seems the truth has now been revealed.

On Friday, June 28, during the G20 dinner in Tokyo, President Vladimir Putin distinguished himself by bringing his own thermos, and not drinking from the glasses that were provided for him. A behaviour that caused a strong reaction from Internet users have strongly, who have thought up many wild theories.

The most popular picture of that evening is the one where we see Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin toast at a distance, one with his glass of red wine, and the other with his thermos. Pictures that some say reveal the Russian president's fear of being poisoned by one of his colleagues.

A mystery solved

The president's spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, has put an end to the many rumors, justifying the presence of Vladimir Putin's thermos: "It's because he drinks tea from this thermos all the time."

Mystery solved. The Russian president was not worried that he would be poisoned. He simply wanted to be able to sip his tea when he felt like it, without it getting cold.

Take a look at the video above for more...

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