An Incredible Mushroom Has Been Discovered In Australia - And It Has The Power To Attract Gold

An Incredible Mushroom Has Been Discovered In Australia - And It Has The Power To Attract Gold

Researchers have made a surprising discovery in western Australia: they have identified mushrooms with the ability to attract gold deposits towards them. Their name: fusarium oxysporum.

The news may be surprising: to the south of Perth, Australia, a team of researchers has made an astonishing discovery: a mushroom named fusarium oxysporum, which has displayed some incredible capabilities.

“Mushrooms are known for their essential role in decomposition and recycling of organic materials such as leaves and bark, as well as in the cycle of metals such as aluminium, iron, manganese and calcium,” explained Dr. Tsing Bohu, co-leader of the study. But the property discovered by his team is even more impressive: according to him, fusarium oxysporum is capable of inciting dissolution and precipitation reactions of particles which are taken from the air, and from them, produce…gold!

“You have to see it to believe it!”

Gold is so unreactive chemically that its interaction is both unusual and surprising…you have to see it to believe it!” said the researcher. He is currently following up his study, to understand the ins and outs of this incredible interaction. His theory: this deposit could be the sign of a larger quantity under the surface.

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Australia is currently the second largest producer of gold in the world. But the industry is threatened by the increasing lack of resources. These gold-producing mushrooms could therefore help to resolve an impending crisis. “We hope to understand whether the fungi that we’ve studied can be used under certain conditions with exploration tools, to help the industry target potential zones”, Dr Ravi Anand, the main scientist behind the study, concluded.

Check out the video above to see these incredible mushrooms for yourself! 

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