Prince Philip to be remembered with a £200 million royal yacht

A new royal yacht is in the works, and it will be named after the late Prince Philip.

Prince Philip
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Prince Philip

The government will soon commission a new yacht that will be named after Prince Philip. According to Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has big plans to make the UK a ‘shipbuilding super power,’ and this yacht will be a step towards that goal. Johnson is expected to make an announcement about the vessel in the coming weeks. A spokesperson from Downing Street said:

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The prime minister has an exciting vision for shipbuilding in this country and is committed to making the UK a shipbuilding superpower.
We are always looking for new ways to promote global Britain around the world, driving investment back to the UK and delivering value for money for the British people.

HMS Duke of Edinburgh

This royal vessel will be the successor to HMY Britannia, and will reportedly cost around £200 million to build. The yacht will be used to sail across the world, promoting British trade and international interests, and playing host to diplomatic talks and negotiations.

The late Duke of Edinburgh served in the Royal Navy during World War II, so the MPs think it will be a fitting memorial for the Prince. Conservative MP, Craig Mckinlay who campaigned for the new yacht, said:

A new national flagship proudly bearing the name of Prince Philip can be no better memorial to this much-loved and respected man.
I am delighted that the years of effort to prove to ministers the value of such a vessel to our country's global brand is now on the brink of becoming reality.
My latest joint letter signed by fellow MPs and peers may have helped get this project over the line. I am overjoyed.

The MPs have requested that the ship be built in the UK, specifically by Cammell Laird on Merseyside.

Public outrage

But the decision isn’t being celebrated by everyone. The Express reported that multiple people have taken to social media to express their concerns with this new project. One user tweeted:

I absolutely do not support the Tories spending £200 million on a new Royal Yacht named HMY Duke of Edinburgh when just a couple of months ago the Government said they couldn't afford to feed hungry children.

While another expects the Queen to speak up against the government's plan. They wrote:

It would be quite nice if the Queen spoke up and said she didn’t think a new royal yacht was in any way necessary.
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