Johnny Depp is selling his village in the South of France

The American actor has decided to put his Provencal village, in which he lived for several years with Vanessa Paradis, up for sale once again.

Johnny Depp
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Johnny Depp

After a first setback, Johnny Depp has decided to try again. Five years after having tried to sell his picturesque 19th-century village located in Provence, in the Plan-de-la-Tour commune in the South of France, the American actor has just put it up for sale again for £40 million, reports The Mirror.

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Second try

Between 2015 and 2016, the Pirates of the Caribbean star had already tried to part with this huge property but only received offers well below the asking price. He had bought the village, only 16 miles from Saint-Tropez, in the early 2000s when he was still in a relationship with Vanessa Paradis, and spent almost £7 million on renovating the buildings.

A picturesque village in the South of France

The village covers 37 acres and includes a main house, six guest houses, a chapel, a private restaurant called ‘Chez Marceline,’ and an art studio. A total of 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms are available on site. The village also has two swimming pools, a town square, a skate park, a gym, and a wine cellar, as detailed on As for the grounds, they are dotted with 300-year-old oak trees, olive trees, and vineyards.

In 2009, Johnny Depp confided to VSD about his family life in this Provencal village. Depp said at the time:

With Vanessa and the children, we live in a kind of small village, it's like paradise. The estate is 1.3 million square feet and you know what I do there? Absolutely nothing.

In 2015, two years after the break-up of the Depp-Paradis couple, the American actor decided to part with it.

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