Emmanuel Macron: The lavish dinners the French president treated himself to with celebrities

It looks like Emmanuel Macron is a big spender. This is how much the French president spends dining with celebrities.

Brigitte Macron et Emmanuel Macron
© Getty Images, Chesnot
Brigitte Macron et Emmanuel Macron

Is the French president Emmanuel Macron a spendthrift? It seems like it, according to an investigation led by Complément d'Enquête, broadcast on television Thursday 3 February.

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The documentary reveals that Brigitte Macron's husband likes to dine in good company, often inviting Head of States and even celebrities to break bread with him.

120,000 euros in eight months

When Emmanuel Macron was Minister of Economy and Industry in 2014, it would seem as though the now President liked to wine and dine in style. In just eight months, he spent €120,000 (£100,000) on dining expenses.

Journalist Frédéric Says provides some details:

Each minister invites whoever he wants and no one checks whether the guests are directly related to the minister's duties. But when you have a minister of the economy who receives actors, singers, authors, etc., is it a direct link with the activity of the minister of the economy? It is in any case a grey area.

Of course, we all remember when Macron invited the Biebers to the Élysée Palace.

Of course, we won't forget either how much Macron loved spending time with the French national team.

Emmanuel Macron and Paul Pogba Getty Images

Expenses assumed

At the time, when Emmanuel Macron was asked about these expenses, he assumed and deemed them 'totally legal.'

During the eight months that I was in office during 2016 at Bercy, I consumed 80% of the credits that were allocated to me.
I was an active minister.

Cheers, Macron!

French President Emmanuel Macron slapped during a public meeting with locals French President Emmanuel Macron slapped during a public meeting with locals