Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Figure In An Almost Invisible Swimsuit

The American model has unveiled one of the newest swimsuits in her collection and it is… quite sexy.

Emily Ratajkowski In A Bikini
© @emrata - Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski In A Bikini

Summer is her favourite season of the year! And for good reason, Emily Ratajkowski likes to spend her days dressed only in a bikini. Moreover, it is for this reason that the 27-year-old woman created her own brand of underwear and swimwear called ‘Inamorata.’

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The key features of the collections are that all the models are tight and intricate, regardless of the type of product. Recently, the Californian has also highlighted one of her latest creations, and the clothing that is the subject of this post on the Instagram account (@inamoratawoman) is no exception to the rule... it is very sexy.

On this photo posted online on Tuesday, August 20th, the American top model is wearing the ‘Encinitas’ model in homage to a city in California, the state in which Emily Ratajkowski grew up. Khaki with white dots, this swimsuit shows off almost all her curves. Inspired (according to the description) by the 1980s, this one-piece model has an XXL neckline and reveals the star's entire back, hips and buttocks, thanks to its thong cut.

Looking extremely sexy in this outfit, the model who made a name for herself in 2007 in Robin Thicke's ‘Blurred Lines’ music video created quite the buzz. Liked more than 30,000 times in just a few hours, the photo also has quite a few comments. While some emphasise the daring side of the garment, others proclaim their love for the pretty model by praising her body, which they describe as ‘perfect.’

Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Figure In A (Very) Tight, White Outfit Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her Figure In A (Very) Tight, White Outfit