Emily Ratajkowski: Model Provides Proof She's Never Had Surgery

For too long model Emily Ratajkowski has been subject to rumours that she’s gotten work done on her chest. Well she’s finally done something about it. Check the video and see the proof she’s given that she is indeed a natural bombshell!

© Instagram -Emily Ratajkowski

Since exploding on the scene a few years ago after starring in Robin Thicke’s video for ‘Blurred Lines’, Emily Ratajkowski has become one of the most recognisable faces in the modelling world.

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Unfortunately for her, with all that attention comes the negativity from people online. One such insult she’s received since the beginning of her career is that her breasts – what many people cite as her claim to fame – are actually fake.

Shutting down all rumours

Tired of dealing with all of the rumours and gossip, Emily decided to strike back in the face of online trolls. In response to the haters, she decided to share a photo on Twitter of a young her 12 years ago when she was still a teenager.

In the photo, Ratajkowski is quick to point out that even at 14 years old, she certainly needed no additional help in the operating room.

While some people may consider her particular career not compatible with female empowerment, Ratajkowski is actually a staunch defender of feminism and female rights. After the Golden Globes in 2017, Piers Morgan criticised her for showing what he deemed to be a bit too much on the red carpet.

Emily, her fellow models, and her fans were quick to clap back and shut him down. The argument that a woman should be allowed to show however much of herself, whether that be all or none or anything in between, is at the very core of female empowerment. We can’t help but agree.

This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried This Photo Of Emily Ratajkowski Has Fans Worried