Alex Rodriguez launches men's concealer for blemishes and razor bumps

Ex-Yankees player, A-Rod has launched a brand new concealer for men.

Alex Rodriguez
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Alex Rodriguez

The break-up with superstar Jennifer Lopez has not stopped this entrepreneur, and former baseball legend, from doing what he does best—making lots and lots of money.

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But this time around, he’s created a product that is very different and exciting.

A-rod’s new venture

Alex Rodriguez, famously known as A-Rod, announced his latest collaboration with self-care health company, His & Hers on Instagram last week. His new venture has entered him into the fiercely competitive beauty industry and his debut has been marked with a rather simple makeup product, a concealer called ‘The Blur Stick.’ What’s the catch? It’s exclusively for men.

A-Rod revealed his new makeup line on Instagram, writing:

Working with the Hims & Hers team, I wanted to create a product that solved an issue I faced every day. I realised as I was jumping from meeting to meeting, I needed something quick and easy in my routine to conceal blemishes or razor bumps.
That’s why I am excited to share a new @Hims product - The Blur Stick. It’s a convenient concealer specifically designed for men that can be used for skin imperfections.

The concealer is retailing for $18, and comes in eight different shades. It promises to 'camouflage everything' from imperfections like dark under-eye circles to razor bumps and burns. Rodriguez has even made sure that the packaging is ‘sleek and discreet’ for his male makeup lovers.

Skincare fanatic

Last year, Rodriguez spoke to People about how vital skincare has been for him in the past few years. He shares:

[Skin care] really hasn't been that important to me for a long time, unfortunately.
And playing over 25 years of professional baseball and being exposed to the sun pretty much every day of my life, in many ways I'm paying the price now. But I'm catching up, and I do see improvement.

Given his love for skincare, he has made sure to include this component into his new product line as well. The concealer has been formulated with top of the line ingredients, like jojoba oil and aloe extract, to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised.

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