US intelligence set to publish report on UFO sightings

The US Secret Service is releasing a report on all UFO sightings at the end of June. Fans of slying saucer stories are eagerly awaiting Day X!

At last! All those who have always been certain that UFOs—i.e. unidentified flying objects—exist, may soon find out. US intelligence agencies are submitting a report on all unexplained sightings to Congress by 25 June.

Are there aliens or not?

The report looks at all the information Pentagon staff have gathered on such unexplained phenomena in the past.

According to surveys, one third of US citizens are certain that at least some of the sightings could actually have been extraterrestrial flying objects.

However, according to the New York Times, citing government officials, the US intelligence community probably has no evidence of extraterrestrial life or related flying objects.

This means that all alien theorists who are sure that the US government and intelligence service are covering something up are unlikely to receive any new useful information after the publication of the report.

What about the remaining 5 percent?

According to the chairman of the Society for the Study of the UFO Phenomenon, there have been thousands upon thousands of sightings since 1972, but only about 5% of the cases could not be plausibly explained.

The rest are mostly weather balloons, insects or weather phenomena.

But not all of the sighted phenomena can be explained by these kinds of events.

Recently, former US President Barack Obama fuelled interest in the topic when he declared on the Late Late Show with James Corden:

True, there are shots of objects in the sky that we don't know exactly what it is. We really need to find out what it is.

After all, the US intelligence service does not want to rule out the existence of extraterrestrial technologies either. The intelligence service is the first port of call when it comes to conspiracy theories. Let alone all those former theories that turned out to be true.

Only recently, the US secret service CIA was in the media because it was forced to backpedal and admit the possibility of the coronavirus having originated in a Chinese laboratory.

UFOs have reportedly been spotted by at least 10% of the UK UFOs have reportedly been spotted by at least 10% of the UK