Twitter: Here's how to put a content warning on your tweets

The feature was tested last year and is now available to all users.

Twitter has extended access to the content warning feature it tested last year, to all users. The new feature is available on Android and iOS Twitter apps as well as its web client.

Content warning

Twitter began testing this new feature in December. It makes it possible for users to hide individual photos and videos behind a warning badge attached to the tweet. The warning could signal nudity, violence, and ‘sensitive’ content. Content warnings work by letting people avoid engaging with potentially upsetting or not-safe-for-work material.

To use the feature, users only have to add a photo or video to a post. Before sharing the post, you tap on edit and then hit a flag icon to give you the options listed above.

You can choose multiple warning tags for an individual piece of media. Although you can add a warning to one image or video in tweet, you cannot do the same for another—it appears Twitter places a single warning over both of them.


Unlike members of other platforms who have used content warning features in more complex ways, Twitter users may find its system limiting. For instance, the content warning doesn't show up on a tweet that has one is embedded.

The warnings also aren't visible in third-party Twitter apps like Tweetdeck. But, it is relatively more versatile than its predecessor in that you can still hide spoilers behind it.

It's also a simple process that forces anyone who wants to take a look at your posted media to manually click past a prompt first.

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