Man develops pus-filled bumps on face following Moderna jab

Scientists are reporting the appearance of a new symptom of the Moderna vaccine that manifests itself in the form of pus-filled bumps on the face.

A new symptom of the Moderna vaccine has been reported in the United States after two men developed pus-filled facial bumps following jab.

Skin reactions to Moderna jab

The University of California, San Francisco has published a paper detailing the appearance of a new symptom of the Moderna vaccine against COVID-19. Two men, one in his fifties and the other in his eighties, developed facial swelling, crusting on the cheeks, pustules after having been administered the vaccine.

Earlier this year, other Moderna jab receivers had reported skin reactions post exposure to the jab. In particular, some reported having developed 'COVID arm'—described as itchy or swollen skin—seven to 10 days after being shielded with the vaccine.

The younger patient who grew blisters on his face noticed them appearing four days after receiving his first dose while the older man reported the abnormal growths five days following his second dose. The former did not have a fever, or a history of allergic reactions, facial fillers or rosacea—a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels in the face. Both patients have recovered since and the medicine they received (ointments and antibiotics) were effective in treating their facial bumps.

Similarities between both patients

Upon analysing similarities between both patients, doctors found that they each had above-average levels of neutrophils—a type of white blood cell. In the event of infection, neutrophils and other types of white blood cells destroy foreign invaders, which have led researchers to believe that the vaccine caused an overreaction in the men's bodies.

Ultimately, this caused white blood cells count to rise exponentially triggering a response from the immune system in the form of a rash. The authors of the study explained:

The clinical presentation of a facial rash with pustules and the shared...findings of a dense neutrophilic a facial pustular neutrophilic eruption as the reaction pattern.

And added:

Reassuringly, this facial pustular neutrophilic eruption resolved within seven to 10 days and without serious [after effects]. This is consistent with evidence that most cutaneous reactions that are associated with the mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines are generally self-limited and minor.
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