French vaccination centre ransacked to protest new 'health pass'

In France, anti-vaccine activists have demonstrated their anger over the new controversial 'health pass' by vandalising a vaccination centre.

On the night of Friday 16, the village hall in Lans-en-Vercors, which was to house a vaccination centre, was vandalised.

Last week, French president Emmanuel Macron announced a new 'health pass' plan making it mandatory for French people and tourists to either be fully vaccinated or have a recent negative PCR test to enter all restaurants, bars, hospitals, shopping malls, trains, planes and other venues.

A vaccination centre ransacked

People took to the streets to protest the new measure, even calling for the French leader to resign, claiming the new 'health pass' infringes on their freedom.

A vaccination centre was flooded, the furniture destroyed as well as the syringes and compresses, according to information from Le Dauphiné libéré, confirmed by the mayor of the town. The protesters also spray-painted anti-vaccine inscriptions, as well as on the walls of the tourist office.

Olivier Véran, Minister of Social Affairs and Health of France, immediately spoke out on his Twitter account, denouncing these acts. He wrote:

Looting a vaccination centre says it all about the real motivation of the perpetrators, who will be prosecuted.
Bravo and thank you to the teams in Lans-en-Vercors for managing to open another centre in a few hours.

Indeed, the town was able to react quickly and the gendarmerie opened an investigation.

Numerous anti-sanitary pass demonstrations

The French government is calling for mass vaccination to reduce the epidemic. It will be compulsory for carers from 15 September and a health pass will be in force from 21 July for all events with more than 50 people, such as theatres and cinemas. In August, it will be compulsory for restaurants, bars, shopping centres, hospitals, retirement homes, trains and planes.

Meanwhile in the UK, almost all restrictions, including the wearing of face masks and social distancing were lifted today, 19 July.

Many French people disapprove of these measures and on Saturday 17 July, demonstrations took place across the country. A total of 114,000 demonstrators were counted. However, the vaccination campaign seems to be working as 37,119,805 French people have received at least one injection and since Emmanuel Macron's announcements, the number of appointments is increasing.

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