Dream job alert: You can earn £29k a year to tour pubs

A local council is looking to fill a position requiring one to tour and document pubs for an annual salary of up to £29,000.

Dream job anyone? This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to make up for lost time being stuck in the comfort of our homes, missing the smell of spilt beer and banter from strangers, actively day-dreaming about the day pubs would once again welcome us for afterwork drinks and weekend shenanigans. Yes, gentlemen, you can get paid to tour local pubs.

The Lincolnshire County Council is actively looking to hire a Heritage Project Officer to tour and document a 50-mile coastal stretch of pubs offering an annual salary of up to £29,000.

A job to help the hospitality industry recover

The ideal candidate must hold a degree in a relevant field, such as building conservation or archaeology. The new job posting was commissioned as part of a pilot project from Historic England called Inns on the Edge aiming to:

Research and record the architectural and social history of public houses along a 50 mile stretch of the Lincolnshire Coast from Grimsby to Boston, to inform their future management and conservation.

The advert for the job posting explains that the person who gets the job will be aiding in raising awareness for the threat of permanent closure faced by many pubs in light of the pandemic:

This is urgently needed to enhance the local historic environment records, raise awareness in response to the threat of pub closures, and help the hospitality sector recover from the pandemic. Inns on the Edge is intended to be a pilot project, during which ideas and methodologies will be tested and evaluated, with the intention of informing future projects in other parts of the county and elsewhere in England.

And adds:

The Project Officer will help work with colleagues, partners and communities to promote and celebrate the value of Lincolnshire's historic pubs to society, tourism and the local economy through social media, trails and an end of project exhibition.

What are the requirements?

In addition to being university-educated and possessing relevant experience, further requirements to be considered include excellent communication, organisational and time management skills, experience carrying out research as well as:

A good working knowledge of the region's heritage, and of the architectural and social history of pubs is desirable. As is a good understanding of the social and economic role of public houses in rural and urban communities today, and the current challenges they face.
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