Here's everything you can do from 21 June

Not all 21 June freedoms have been delayed, so here’s a quick rundown of everything you can do from today onwards.

Here's everything you can do from 21 June
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Here's everything you can do from 21 June

Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered a huge blow to the country last week when he announced the delaying of the much-anticipated 21 June—aka freedom day. This was supposed to be a day when all events and hospitality venues could operate on full capacity, and there was speculation that social distancing measures would also be scrapped.

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With the daily number of COVID cases on a rapid and steady incline, the government was forced to push the lifting of most restrictions, but there are still a few rule changes that has come into effect from Monday.

Hastening the vaccination drive

The government has brought forward their goal to get every adult, over the age of 18, jabbed at least once to 18 July. Earlier, they intended to do so by 31 July. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, said that all over the age of 18 could start booking their slots from Friday. Additionally, the interval between the jabs for the over-40s group has also been shortened from twelve weeks to eight weeks.

Wedding invites

From today, there will no longer be a 30-person limit on both indoor and outdoor weddings. The capacity will depend on the number of people the venue can accommodate. On the flip side, there are still some restrictions that should be followed during the wedding day.

Those holding the event indoors can only place six people in one table and there is still a ban on dancing and singing. However, an exception has been made for the 'first dance.'


Along with the funeral, more than 30 people will also be able to attend the wake and as long as the proper COVID-safety protocol is followed, the venues can function at full capacity.

Care homes

Finally, rules have been relaxed for those living inside care homes. Now, residents do not have to complete a 14-day self-isolation after spending some time with family members away from their care home. And new residents do not have to quarantine upon entering the facilities either. To compensate, they’ll have to take a series of tests in the first two weeks to ensure that they’re COVID-negative.

What you can and cannot do in the UK as of May 17 What you can and cannot do in the UK as of May 17