Were Certain South Park Episodes Really Censored By Netflix?

Many users have complained about the absence of some episodes of South Park since the series' arrival on Netflix. It took the platform some time to provide the real reason.

Were Certain South Park Episodes Really Censored By Netflix?
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South Park, which has just been renewed for 3 more seasons by Comedy Central, has also partially arrived on Netflix.

While the entire series should soon be available on Amazon Prime, Netflix had managed to get their hands on seasons 15 to 21... or almost. It didn't take fans long to realise that over the 6 seasons, a total of 10 episodes were missing.

When asked on Twitter about these unexplained absences, Netflix gave two conflicting explanations…

Netflix first referred to various censorship laws applying to different countries. The problem is that platforms such as Netflix or Amazon are not yet subject to CSA guidelines, and therefore cannot be censored for any reason. But then, why did Netflix voluntarily put some episodes aside?

While many internet users were surprised to see the satirical series arrive on Netflix, which is not really known for its subversion, they wondered who Netflix was trying to protect or save by removing some episodes?

In reality, there is no conspiracy, it is merely a question of the copyright that prevented Netflix from broadcasting certain episodes. So was this a communication error, or a desire not to show their helplessness in the face of certain rights holders? In any case, Netflix waited for the article which put forward the theory of censorship by the CSA to come out, before raising the issue of copyright…

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