At Just 17 Years Old, He's Become A Personal Shopper To Some Of The World's Biggest Footballers

Sam Morgan is only 17 years old and yet, he could already say that he has succeeded professionally.

Sam Morgan had an excellent idea: combine football and clothes, two fields that often go hand in hand. At 17 years old, he created a professional Instagram page to promote his services as a ‘personal shopper’. Noticing that some footballers follow fashion quite closely, he didn’t hesitate to contact them.

Sam started with the Arsenal player, Cohen Bramall.

‘I could see he might be interested in the type of stuff I was selling, so I just sent a message. I met him four days later, and he bought a pair of Yeezys. The following week, his teammate Chris Willock contacted me to see what else I have available – and pretty quickly, I had the entire Arsenal youth team buying from me,’ explained Sam to Bleacher Report.

As a true professional and very aware of the market, he said, ‘like anyone else, footballers want value for money. A pair of shoes that retail for £1,200 – I might be able to sell to them slightly cheaper because of the deals I get from distributors. Players never get ripped off by me; I think that is very important in the process of building a good reputation.’

His reputation now speaks for itself and he has even had to turn down some of the biggest players.

‘It’s pretty hard to ignore texts from Premier League footballers while you’re revising. But sometimes the schoolwork does have to take priority. I move my phone away from me during revision so that I can’t be distracted.’

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