This New Video Proves Ronda Rousey Is Still Bad At Shadow Boxing

This New Video Proves Ronda Rousey Is Still Bad At Shadow Boxing

Ronda Rousey shows off her shadow boxing skills and we love it!


Before joining the ranks of the WWE, where she is now an important player, Ronda Rousey paved the way for women's MMA. The first woman to be crowned champion of the UFC, the former judoka is a pioneer of the game. Thanks to her excellent ground game, she defended her bantamweight belt six times before being surprised by Holly Holm in the UFC 193 main event in November 2015. A great champion with a virtually complete range of skills. Indeed, Ronda was dominant in almost every aspect of the game, but shadow boxing has never been her passion.


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While Ronda Rousey was equally loved and feared, MMA fans were also accustomed to gently mocking the champion for her lack of prowess in shadow boxing. Indeed, in standing exchanges, Ronda has never been flamboyant. Shadow boxing is where you can really see the superstar's shortcomings. On one of the WWE's backstage videos, you can see that Ronda has made absolutely no progress in this exercise.

Check out the video above to see our guilty pleasure of the day... 

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