Luke Rockhold Proves He's Tough As Nails As He Films Himself Getting Stitched Up

Luke Rockhold has injured his shin yet again and probably won’t make a comeback until October. Any rumours of a fight between him and Alexander Gustafsson happening this summer have gone down the drain.

A comeback in October

At the UFC 221, Luke Rockhold waved his dream of a winning the middleweight title goodbye. After being knocked out in the third round by Cubo Yoel Romero, he’s not going to challenge the undisputed champion of the Robert Whittaker category. The American injured his leg again after having gone back to training, and has shared images of his operation on Twitter. The pictures show him keeping calm whilst having his shin sewn up. The rumours of his return to the most recent UFC 227 were squashed - we're still holding on to hope he'll be coming back sooner rather than later.

Alexander Gustafsson in his sights

Hoping to come back to the light heavyweight division, the new face of Ralph Lauren won’t be able to face ‘The Mauler’ for a while. Some of the rumours even predicted the creation of an interim belt for the fight between the two men. If the Swede has has no one to fight at the moment, he could just wait for Rockhold to make a comeback, to properly welcome him into the new category.

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