Completely Twisted: Conor McGregor Plays The Joker In A New Commercial

Conor McGregor as The Joker? Yes, although it might be difficult to imagine, the Irishman has in fact employed his skills as an actor for quite a strange advert for Pari Match, an online betting website.

Currently, Conor McGregor is busy training and preparing for his comeback in the Octagon. But aside from the strenuous effort, he has been putting in for his return and the harsh exchanges on Twitter with his rival Khabib Numagomedov, the Irishman still seems to have found time to surprise his fans with this crazy commercial!

Conor ‘Joker’ McGregor

A white face, a bit of green around the eyes, an excessive amount of lipstick on and around the mouth and you have this year’s most popular Halloween costume: The Joker. After the theatrical release of the latest Joker movie on October 9th, nearly everyone became a nemesis of Batman along with Joaquin Phoenix who played the Joker in the new film.

And this costume was clearly admired by The Notorious Conor McGregor since he actually turned himself into the Joker for a completely crazy advert that was created by Pari Match.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the Irishman starring in funny commercials like this. His incredible victory against José Aldo in the UFC 194’s Main Even encouraged Conor McGregor to seek out other mediums, and in his native Ireland, he is treated and praised like some kind of demigod.

King of advertising

His reputation has allowed him to make even more money by taking part in various, incredible adverts. For example, you can witness The Notorious as a jockey in a horse race or even in a Burger King advert where he plays the King of Burgers.

Over time, these adverts have gained almost as much fame and attention as some of his best fights. And who knows, maybe one day the Irishman could end up with a real career in Hollywood!

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