We Tested Out HelloFresh - Here’s What We Thought

Considering taking the leap and signing up for a food subscription box? If you're looking for an outside opinion, we've gone ahead and checked it out for you!

Healthy Food
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Healthy Food

Unfortunately, the chef gene skipped a generation in my family. That often means that I’ve got two choices every night when I get home from work: throw whatever combination of food is hanging out in my fridge together with some pasta, or order in.

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Ordering in a Chinese or Indian sounds like a great alternative, until you realise that at the end of a week of getting delivery every night you don’t fit into a single pair of trousers you own. Suddenly that korma you ordered has become a lot more expensive considering you’ve got to go shopping for a new wardrobe.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? Prepping your own meal like a fully functioning adult while actually enjoying what you’re eating without any guilt?

Enter HelloFresh!

We’ve tried subscription services in the past before, but for food? Never. This is why I was so eager to try out HelloFresh. If you’re anything like me, you’ve asked yourself the same question after seeing the photos pop up on your Instagram feed - could someone as inept as me make something that looks that good?

Looks good right? Click here to get started today!

Spoiler: I can, and it was dead nice.

I gave it a go and ordered one of the boxes with the meat & veggies option. Delivery was super quick and got delivered straight to my front door. Beats popping out to the market to do your shopping right?

The instructions are super clear and everything comes individually packaged in proper portion sizes - so essentially there’s no possible way you could muck it up. It’s genuinely surprising how someone with absolutely zero abilities in the kitchen could make something that looks and tastes so good.

Their boxes come with two or four portions of each meal. Got a date coming up and want to try to impress them? Cook up one of these and tell them it’s one of your signature dishes. Sorted.

You’ve got no one else to cook for? Not a problem; you’ve got enough food to hold you over for dinner and leftovers the next day.

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Sounds pretty great right? Well, you’re in luck - thanks to HelloFresh, we’ve got a promo code that’ll have you set up in no time flat. Click here and save 35% on your first three boxes!

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