To combat quarantine, one woman started a virtual pub called the 'Corona Arms'

Since the UK announced it will be going into lockdown, the app Zoom has become a huge success allowing people to socialise without leaving the house. One woman took it a step further by creating an online pub.

Where you'd rather be
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Where you'd rather be

Just like a normal pub you can empty a pintwhile chatting to friends and strangers. As many pubs right now are shut, people have been flocking to get access to Emily Huyton's Corona Arms. She told the Metro:

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Over the last week or so it's certainly felt as though the world as we know it has been grinding to a halt. Living in London and unable to get back up north to see all my friends, I decided to set up a virtual pub so we could still all get together, have a drink, have a laugh and try and maintain some level of normality.

Huyton claims that the group started off small but once she shared it on social media, bored strangers were flocking to be invitedinto the group for a beer.

The Corona Arms has even had started hosting their own pub quiz, recently raising £860 for St Gerorge's Crypt. Emily stated:

"Whilst we have all managed to find a way to keep ourselves entertained, we recognise that so many people are really struggling during this time and so we wanted to use the opportunity to raise some money for a local charity."

The Corona Arms have even been keeping people up to date with their endeavours and providing funny clips for all to see on their Instagram page

Now we can go to the pub aftera long hard day and not even have to leave the house!

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