These Four Bodily Noises Could Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Between a gurgling stomach, gas, hiccups, and other pops and cracks, our body is constantly expressing itself. And while these sounds are usually completely normal, sometimes they may indicate a more worrying health concern…

These Four Bodily Noises Could Reveal A Lot About Your Health
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These Four Bodily Noises Could Reveal A Lot About Your Health

Listen to your body... How many times have we heard that phrase, and what if we finally take it seriously? Let's really try to listen to the sounds produced by our body in order to anticipate, or treat any underlying problems, and take better care of our health. Here is a summary of the noises our bodies make that could be a warning.

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Sounds in the ears

The function of these two organs is of course hearing, but sometimes, they can be affected by other sounds. In such cases, a medical professional should be consulted. The sound of a pulse or the feeling that your heart is beating in your ears can be a sign of high blood pressure. Your doctor will be able to determine this following an examination. If it's occasional or almost permanent ringing and/or buzzing, you are likely to be suffering from tinnitus, like 25% of people. This auditory nervous system dysfunction requires a visit to an ENT.


When you inhale and/or exhale, do you hear a whistling sound? This sound may be a warning that the upper airways have narrowed. A medical examination can determine whether this is a lung infection, asthma (if you have not yet been diagnosed), or possible bronchiolitis when it comes to a baby.

This noise may also signal that a child has swallowed a foreign body that is obstructing his or her respiratory system. In this case, you’ll need a quick visit to the A&E!

Cracking joints

The joints are lubricated by a liquid, and so they often crack when this fluid is renewed, in which case there's usually nothing to worry about. On the other hand, when the noise becomes more frequent, or if there’s a painful click when you take a step, for example, it is time to go see a doctor, especially if this is happening in your 40s. Some tests will then need to be done to rule out the possibility of osteoarthritis.

And if the stomach stops gurgling?

Gurgles, gas, and other borborygmi, although annoying, are completely normal (when they are not in overabundance). On the other hand, you should worry if your digestive system is almost silent.

We should be wary of silence because this can be a warning of an intestinal problem, especially if it is accompanied by pain, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and chronic constipation. If this is the case, you may be suffering from a bowel obstruction, meaning it’s time to act!

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