These COVID hand signs reveal you have beaten the virus

'Covid nails' are a sign that you've beaten the virus, here are the ways you can verify if you have them

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An expert has revealed that COVID nails are a telltale sign to show whether you've had the virus or not.

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Marks on fingernails

Prof Tim Spector, lead researcher of the ZOE Symptom Study App, in a tweet back in May said that five variations of marks on the fingernails could be an indicator to show whether you've beaten COVID-19.

The professor shared:

Do your nails look odd? COVID nails are increasingly being recognized as the nails recover after infection and the growth recovers, leaving a clear line.
Can occur without skin rashes and appears harmless.

Another expert said to Birmingham Live :

There’s another part of the body where the virus appears to have an impact: the fingernails.
Currently, the available evidence suggests that there’s no association between the severity of COVID-19 infection and the type or extent of nail changes.

Mees lines

Certain individuals have found parallel lines, which are known as 'Mees lines,' or 'Beau's lines,' essentially indentations that run across the nails because of a viral illness.

Another viable sign could be a half moon, which is apparently red. Orange nail tips, with discolouration have also been present in patients with a groove across the fingernails, around five millimetres from the nail bed also showing COVID has been present.

The final sign is nail lifting, or onychomadesis, which occurs when you lose your nails from the root without any pain or swelling. Professor Spector also said that the differences can happen even if you did not experience any other symptoms of COVID-19.

Dr Tanya Bleiker, president of the British Association of Dermatologists, explained to the Oxford Mail in May:

Dermatologists are seeing 'COVID nails' in some patients who have had an infection with SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.
They are caused by a temporary interruption of the growth of the nail due to a number of causes, including febrile illnesses such as COVID-19 infection.
These indents tend to appear two to three weeks after the illness - longer in toenails.
They are harmless and grow out with time, often surprisingly in a few months.
COVID: Signs you may have caught the virus without knowing COVID: Signs you may have caught the virus without knowing