Product recall: This dog food has been found to spread serious disease to humans

Natural Instincts has recalled all of its duck-based products over salmonella concerns.

Product Recall
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Product Recall

On 2 July, the UK Food Standards Agency issued a notice alerting customers to return all duck-based products from Natural Instincts Ltd. The pet food company has placed a warning after salmonella was found in some of their products.

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Salmonella may be harmless to canines, but once they are infected they can then pass on this bacterial disease to other humans and pets by licking them. The disease can even spread through their stool.

Unlike canines, salmonella can manifest in humans in dangerous and sometimes deadly forms. Symptoms range from vomiting to bloody diarrhoea, fever, and loss of appetite.

Recalled products

Natural Instincts has recalled their Working Dog Duck, Pure Duck, and Working Dog Puppy with use-by dates starting 8 January 2022, 15 January 2022, 22 January 2022, 13 February 2022, 20 February 2022, 11 March 2022 and 18 March 2022.

Additionally, the warning extends to their Duck Carcass (pack of two) with use-by dates starting on 8 January 2022, 15 January 2022, and 20 February 2022 and Duck Necks (pack of six) with use-by dates that are 15 January 2022 and 22 January 2022.

Word of caution

The UK's Food Standard agency has urged everyone to return the products to the store where they were originally purchased for a full refund. They’ve also advised people to thoroughly clean all utensils used to carry and handle the dog food like spoons and feeding bowls after every use. They said:

If you have bought any of the products do not use them. Instead, return them to the store from where they were bought for a full refund. When handling and serving raw pet food it is always advised to clean utensils and feeding bowls thoroughly after use.
Consumers should wash hands thoroughly after handling raw pet food, bowls, utensils or after contact with the faeces of animals. Raw pet food should be stored separately from any food (especially ready to eat foods).
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