Scientist Explains Why The Coronavirus Is More Aggressive in Spain, Italy and New York

Dr Li Lanjuan - prestigious Chinese scientist and the person responsible for urging authorities to put Wuhan in lockdown prior to the pandemic - has recently revealed why the coronavirus is more deadly in Europe and the United States.

Dr Li Lanjuan
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Dr Li Lanjuan

The well-known and famous Chinese expert Li Lanjuan is more than just a healthcare professional in this huge country. She is actually the woman who originally proposed the lockdown in Wuhan in order to prevent the virus from spreading as quickly and as far as it did.

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Li Lanjuan recently released a study that, although is currently under review, nevertheless contains data showing clear evidence of the differences observed in strains of the virus and the countries they were found in. Her research focused on SARS-CoV2’s ability to mutate, and the effect that this virus has on humans.

In this study, Li’s team at Zheijiang University explored whether the virus structurally changes the cell at the time of infection and how these cells damage the health of people when they are infected.

Her data showed that there are strains of the virus which are actually deadlier and more contagious than others, which the expert then confirmed to be the particular strains that have been recorded in the United States and several countries throughout Europe. As it turns out, these particular strains are actually deadlier than those which first originated in China.

According to information from Nius, Li’s team conducted a study involving samples taken from 11 patients which showed over 30 different mutations, 19 of which had previously been undiscovered.

The chilling conclusion is that, according to data from the study, the most dangerous and aggressive strains of the virus created up to 270 times as much viral load as the weaker strains, which also means that the body’s cells subsequently die quicker.

This seems to be due to an alteration of the S protein, which is the protein found in the virus that allows it to invade our cells. After checking and distinguishing which strains of the virus had been appearing in different parts of the world, they found the answer they were looking for.

The most aggressive strains in their study are similar to those that have been found and observed in most patients across Europe. However, and although the strains which are easier to control are those that broke out in the United States, the strains of the virus that have been observed in New York appear to have come from Europe, hence making them more dangerous.

Scientists suspect the new strain of coronavirus could have actually ‘started in America’ Scientists suspect the new strain of coronavirus could have actually ‘started in America’