McDonald's: The World's Best According To A Man Who Tried 34 Different Countries

Mc Donalds
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Mc Donalds

Producer and presenter of Hostile Living: Adventure Travel, Ray Williams had an incredible experience - the chance to eat in 34 different McDonald's restaurants around the world. Even though French and Australian fast-food restaurants are known to be better than their American counterparts, for Ray Williams that is not where you can find the best McDonald's.

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Among the 34 McDonald's he tested, Ray Williams had a clear favourite... and it's not where you'd expect.

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McDonalds in Thailand is legit. Forgot to post the boba. But ya. They have boba! #thailand #eveyishungrythailand #mcdonaldsthailand #thailandmcdonalds

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That's right: Thailand comes out head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.

But why?

First of all, most burgers are available in two sizes that can satisfy even the biggest of appetites, not to mention the country-specific hamburgers such as pork, teriyaki sauce, lettuce and mayonnaise. Other menus also include spicy chicken, rice and eggs.

Thai menus also offer a variety of more important desserts. In fact, it is possible to order a pineapple pie, Ray Williams' favourite dessert, or a corn tart and drink Ovaltine, a kind of chocolate. In some cities, you can also eat cheesecakes and brownies.

According to Ray Williams, Thailand excels in service. It's very fast and sometimes available 24/7, so you can enjoy your hot fries at any time of day or night. For kids, you can have fun with a whole range of cute Hello Kitty toys.

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