Man Strips Down In Drunken Rampage On International Flight

We get it – some people have a tough time handling themselves when flying. We’ve all got developed our own little tricks for calming down the nerves upon take-off.

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For most of us, a drink or two is enough to do the job. However, for this man, his trick ended up getting him locked up. Check the video to watch the scene unfold!

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In-flight entertainment

On a flight flying out of Kuala Lumpur, one 20-year-old student from Bangladesh decided to give all of his co-passengers a show. Upon takeoff, the young man decided that he’d had just about enough of his clothing and stripped down to his birthday suit. Believe it or not, this is far from the worst part.

The man then proceeded to pleasure himself while watching pornography on his laptop loudly for all around to see and hear. He toured about the plane, making trips to the toilet, all while in the buff. According to reports, the man even urinated on his seat.

The situation heats up

After the insisting on behalf of the stewardesses, the man begrudgingly dressed back up again. That isn’t to say it was done without a fight: according to witnesses, the student even attacked the head stewardess.

Upon touchdown in Dhaka, the young man was apprehended by the authorities and was taken into custody. Sure makes you realise that a neighbour with a bad case of gas really isn’t the worst situation you could experience when flying.

Man Steals Bulldozer And Goes On Drunken Rampage Man Steals Bulldozer And Goes On Drunken Rampage