Handiplanet: The Tripadvisor For People With Accessibility

In order to help people with reduced mobility when planning their holidays, a brother and a sister have created Handiplanet.

This Is The Tripadvisor For People With Reduced Mobility
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This Is The Tripadvisor For People With Reduced Mobility

Having a drink, going to a club or having dinner together... These are simple activities for able-bodied people. However, for people with disabilities, things are not so easy.

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How the app works

'When I travel, I can't go to just any hotel. I need fairly wide corridors, a large bed, an Italian shower and if possible a pharmacy next door...' explained Melchior, who moves around on crutches, to the French newspaper 20 Minutes. To help people in this situation, Melina and Emmanuel Kouratoras have come up with an application.

Handiplanet is a social network dedicated to the accessibility of holiday and leisure sites for people with reduced mobility. A project that was built following a personal misadventure. When Melina Kouratoras wanted to go to Greece, she could not find any 'reliable information.' Suffering from myopathy, she said: 'Fortunately my brother was there when I arrived on a beach that was supposedly accessible to people with reduced mobility.'

An app close in use to Tripadvisor

As with the famous travel site, the two siblings' application is based on several criteria: accessibility for wheelchairs or for the visually impaired, the number of steps, adapted sidewalks and the size of the toilets.

Handiplanet is therefore intended to be a travel guide for disabled people, totally free and collaborative. With already more than 10,000 members, people with reduced mobility have found a space that understands them and, above all, 'avoids isolating (them)' concluded Mélina Kouratoras.

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