Bahamas Residents Are In Need In Wake Of Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian caused havoc on the Bahamas, leaving residents with damaged homes, buildings, and roads.

Hurricane Dorian
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Hurricane Dorian

The powerful Hurricane Dorian has destroyed a panoply of homes and lives in the Bahamas. When the hurricane, trespassing the Abaca islands with vigorous 185 mph winds, first hit the Abaco islands, it took the lives of five people.

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Unfortunately, Hurricane Dorian lingers over the Bahamas, especially on Grand Bahama island. And buckets of rain and intense wind continue to hurt and impede on the lives of the residents—even though the potent hurricane dropped from a level 5 category to level 3.

The storm has put residents into disarray. They’ve shared videos documenting the catastrophic situation—showing roofs ripped off of homes and deeply flooded roads.

Reports declare that Hurricane Dorian has only moved around 20 kilometres over the last 24 hours. The National Hurricane Center (NHC) says that hurricane has reached a “stationary” status, which will not bode well for residents.

One employee of International Red Cross, Steve McAndrew informs BBC that he has been “involved in rescue operations for 20 years and could not recall a hurricane ever being listed as stationary.”

Some residents have climbed atop their roofs to avoid the rising floods—Hurricane Dorian continues to wreak havoc on the area. Our video unravels more heartbreaking news related to Dorian.

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