After A Night Out, She Woke Up Covered In Bruises And Couldn’t Explain Why...

When 37-year-old Thea Wilson woke up after going out one night, her body was covered in bruises. The thing is, is that Thea couldn’t think of where these bruises had come from.

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Waking up after a night out isn’t such an unusual occurrence. Every one of us has woken up before and found a bruise on our knee or tibia that wasn’t there before. But what happened to Thea Wilson from the UK is rather hard to believe.

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A rare disease

Thea went out with her friends one night but when she woke up the next morning, she didn’t just have one bruise, but dozens.

She hadn’t been drunk the night before and didn’t get herself into any scrapes or fights. So, the question is: where did these bruises come from?

‘I had no idea where these bruises had come from. They were big and purple and all up my arms and legs,’ she explained to The Mirror.

She simply couldn’t explain what had happened, so she decided to go to the hospital. As several news sources have reported, it was only after doctors performed a bone marrow biopsy that it became clear: she had leukaemia. The bruises, just like they were for Lee, were caused by a rare form of this cancer.

On her way to recovery

Before she knew it, she was in her first session of chemotherapy, since her blood wasn’t able to clot properly anymore which is ultimately the reason so many bruises had appeared on her skin.

This diagnosis was, of course, a shock for this cheerful woman. But she went to therapy and after eight months of treatment, she is now in remission and is already doing much better. Today, she has to go to the hospital every 12 weeks for a blood test. As Thea states, ‘The leukaemia could relapse, but that won’t stop me living my life.’ What a strong woman!

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