Dream Job: A Nightclub Will Pay You £2500 To Watch A Certain Type Of Content

In Denmark, a nightclub is offering a dream job: they'll hire someone who's ready to watch 20 hours of these films for over £2500. And to think that you're already doing it for free...

While this job may seem totally crazy, it is very real. In Denmark, nightclub "Hornsleth Bar" seeks a new atypical profile to hire. Their mission: watch 20 hours of this type of film for the generous sum of £2500. In addition to having a good time, while being paid, the future employee will select the best parts of the soundtrack to create a playlist that will be played in the nightclub bathroom.

This job offer has aroused the curiosity of many people. The bar is looking for an open-minded candidate. The owners of the establishment have already received thousands of applications. But that's not to say it's a waste of time for you: show off your adult expertise within this category of movies and soundtracks, and you may just be able to stand out!

Watch the video for an idea of ​​what your future job could be!

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