Drones Can Be Very Dangerous: Cloned Dog Becomes A Lifesaver

Billionaire Alki David recently revealed the story of how his cloned dog became a lifesaver when he was experiencing some problems with his drone. The situation got out of control, but it only took his Doberman seconds to react.

Billionaire Alki David has a very special and unique dog. Because he loved his Doberman named Vader so much, he had him cloned for $144,000 (£111,563). The cloned dog is called Mini Vader and he has just made his owner very proud after he managed to perform a spectacular rescue operation.

His drone was flying towards a married couple

Alki David was out with his two Dobermans on Malibu Beach in California (USA) to test out his new drone. While drones can take impressive images and videos of situations that we are normally unable to see, they can also save lives.

But this billionaire, unfortunately, lost control of his new drone shortly after he had started testing it out. The object was flying at speed towards an elderly couple and within a few seconds, it would have hit them with quite some force.

‘The propellers were spinning hard and I had a terrifying image of what was about to unfold. I raced down the beach towards them but thankfully the dogs, Vader and his perfect young clone Mini Vader, were ahead of me.’

Mini Vader saved the elderly couple

Mini Vader was the first to jump at the couple. Just before the drone could collide with them, he managed to catch it and flung it in the opposite direction where the billionaire was, who then managed to get hold of it and stop the situation from escalating.

But his hands, unfortunately, got caught in the rotor blades and he was quite badly injured. He lost a lot of blood and had to go to the hospital to have stitches. However, the billionaire doesn’t regret his actions or his subsequent injuries because fortunately, nothing bad happened to the elderly couple. The unbelievable part of this story is that the couple didn’t even realise what was going on behind them.

David told the Daily Star that he loves his dog now even more than he did before. He believes investing in a clone has more than paid off because after all, he saved two people from quite an unfortunate fate.

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