They Spotted A Man Wearing A Gas Mask In A Forest On Google Maps... What Happened Next Was Unbelievable

Google Maps is a very useful tool to help us find our way but sometimes the photos that Google catches immortalize some surprises. This very strange man in the middle of a forest is one example!

Google cars criss-cross the world to map and immortalize the roads of the planet. But the 360 ​° cameras also make it possible to go off the beaten track and photograph the slightly more remote areas.

Being able to document so many areas on the planet is a miracle that can sometimes turn into a nightmare, like that of this very strange man... "Trekkers" are equipped with a battery-powered backpack and a 360° camera. These hikers traverse the mountains in extreme situations in search of images. During one of these hikes, a trekker came face to face with a strange character.

He came across a crouched man, between the trees, wearing a gas mask... It would have scared anyone, but the hiker, determined to finish his job, continued his journey after immortalising this disturbing meeting.

Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps Weird Supernatural Being Caught On Camera By Google Maps