These True Stories Are Even More Terrifying Than Horror Movies

  • Zombies - In Italy during the Renaissance a syphilis epidemic caused several people’s bodies to be deformed. Symptoms that will definitely make you believe monsters exist…
  • Animal genocide - During the Second World War 700,000 pets were killed in one week in Great-Britain. Why? A committee called on citizens to get rid of their animals because of food shortages
  • The hyena of Auschwitz - Irma Grese was a concentration camp guard during the Second World War. She was a sadist who was excited by suffering…
  • She cut prisoners’ breasts off and sent the most beautiful of them to the gas chambers. She was executed in 1945 for war crimes at the age of 22
  • The ‘silent sisters’ - June and Jennifer Gibson were Welsh twins. They had a speech problem, they were not able to talk and could only understand one another. Separated when they were young and then reunited…

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Discover these six stories that are even more gloomy and horrible than some of the most famous horror movies. They’ll definitely send a chill up your spine!

From zombies to serial killers to concentration camps, these stories will take you through all stages of horror. Some have inspired some of the greatest classics of horror cinema, such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Psycho.

Here you will find out about the incredible story of the ‘zombies’ in Italy during the Renaissance, the animal genocide during the Second World War, the silent Welsh sisters, and one of the greatest killers in history. In short, all the ingredients to prevent you from sleeping for a few days!

Rob Mitchell
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