An 80-year-old time capsule has been unearthed in Poland

More than 80 years after it was buried by Nazis, a time capsule has finally been unearthed by archaeologists and its secrets have been revealed.

A team of archaeologists recently discovered an 82-year-old ‘time capsule’ in Poland. And the contents of this find are a true testimony to a time gone by: Nazi Germany.

Inside, researchers discovered two copies of Mein Kampf, old coins, newspaper clippings from 1934, a collection of old photos featuring, among others, Adolf Hitler.

A capsule buried during the construction of a Nazi building

The existence of this Polish time capsule has been known about by scientists as well as the authorities for a long time. It was officially concealed in the very structure of a building in the small town of Zlocieniec while the said building was being constructed.

They were buried at the Ordensburg Krössinsee, a former Nazi building which would have been used to train future Nazi leaders in this area of Poland, which, at the time, was part of Germany’s territory. Nevertheless, access to the historical box in question wasn’t actually very easy.

Archaeologists had to be quite ingenious and crafty in order to get their hands on it. They had to cut through groundwater, pick their way through thick concrete and avoid German landmines. A true obstacle course!

Items rich in information

Now that the copper capsule and its contents have been recovered, historians will need to study it before sending it to the Szczecin National Museum. Each ‘perfectly preserved’ item will be scrupulously catalogued and translated before being put on display at the museum.

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