Which is better—vegan or meat diet? Identical twins embark on an experiment

Two identical twins decided to run an experiment for 12 months—one went on a vegan diet and the other on a meat diet and the results are shocking.

Hugo and Ross Turner, better known as the Turner Twins, are a set of 32-year-old twins from the city of Exeter, in the United Kingdom. They are most known for their amazing expeditions all around the world. However, a couple years ago, they decided to embark on a different kind of adventure.

The Turner Twins wanted to see for themselves whether it was better to be on a vegan diet or a meat-eating diet. They started this experiment in January and ended it over 12 months later.

Different diets

Each twin was on a different diet. Hugo was on an exclusively vegan diet, while Ross did the opposite. He was on an 'omnivorous diet' and ate plenty of meat products.

The twins, who love sports and going on adventures, soon went viral. For months on end, they shared their progress with their followers and got thousands of likes on their posts.

Incredible results

After 12 months, the brothers shared their thoughts and feelings regarding the experiment and posted pictures that illustrate their impressive physical transformations. Hugo, who was on a vegan diet, weighed 83.9 kilos and had 13% body fat when they started out. At the end of the experiment, he had lost about 2 kilos and his body fat was low.

Meanwhile, Ross, on an omnivorous diet, started out at 79 kilos and 13% body fat and gained 6 kilos by the end of it, weighing in at 85 kilos, with 15% body fat.

The brothers' conclusion is that there is nothing healthier than a balanced diet to achieve good health. You can check out their transformation in the video above.

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