This Miracle Fruit Strengthens Your Immune System and Protects Your Skin From UV Radiation

Not everyone knows about this fruit and not everyone is a fan… But they should be. Because this fruit, which is mostly eaten during winter, really works miracles for your health!

When we think of healthy fruits, lychees aren’t necessarily the first to come to mind, and yet they have so many beneficial properties! This fruit is mostly eaten in winter and it’s worth knowing that their sweet, soft flesh really works miracles on your health.

Lychees help protect your skin

Whether you’re on the beach or hitting the slopes, lychees are your best friend. This small fruit helps protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays and therefore, also helps prevent premature ageing. So, when you’re next getting away to the slopes or the beach for a few days, throw a few lychees in your bag as well and nothing will ruin your carefree vacation.

Lychees strengthen your immune system

In winter, the body is exposed to countless viruses and bacteria. Between the flu, the common cold and gastrointestinal infections, it’s difficult to get through this season without needing some kind of medication. But this is where lychees come into play. Rich in vitamin C, they strengthen the immune system and help us get through the winter unscathed.

Lychee Berries Getty Images

Lychees are good for your heart

Lychees contain lots of potassium which is good for your cardiovascular system. They help regulate blood pressure and thus reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular disease. So, it actually wouldn’t hurt to eat lychees more often and all year round.

How do you eat lychees properly?

There are several ways to really enjoy all the benefits of lychees. You can eat them as they are, or as part of a fruit salad. You could even blend them into homemade juices or smoothies, make jam from them or serve them with hearty dishes such as fish.

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