This is the unluckiest person of the year

The UK's Ian Jones is living a nightmare 2020. After reading his story, you won't dare complain again.

Thought you'd had a bad 2020? You should know that Briton Ian Jones is probably worse off than you are. He may even be the unluckiest man of the year. Skynews reported on this family man’s story.

A series of diseases

Ian Jones contracted Covid-19 recently, just like many other people around the world. But Ian Jones’ bad luck didn't stop there, unfortunately. He then contracted malaria, 'a parasitic disease caused by a parasite that lives in the blood,’ which is transmitted by mosquitoes. Then Ian Jones contracted... dengue fever, a flu-like illness also transmitted by mosquitos.

Pretty bad luck, no? His bad luck didn’t stop there either. He was recently bitten by a king cobra in north-west India, where he lives. Ian Jones is the head of the Indian social enterprise Sabirian, which works in collaboration with an association that helps Indian craftsmen.

A fundraiser has been launched

The man is currently in intensive care in India since the snake bite has left him blind and paralysed. His family says they are ‘concerned.’ He is in a ‘stable state for the moment although he has paralysis in his legs and blindness, which we hope will be temporary.’

His son opened up, and of course, he is shocked:

When we learned that he had also suffered a fatal snake bite on top of everything he has been through, we honestly couldn't believe it.

To help Ian Jones and his family, a fundraising campaign has been set up. More than £14,000 have been raised so far. We wish Ian Jones a speedy recovery!

Thanks to COVID, 2020 has been the worst year for mental health since World War Two Thanks to COVID, 2020 has been the worst year for mental health since World War Two