The UK has the most new covid cases per capita in the world

Numbers show that the UK has now become the country with the highest new COVID-19 cases per capita in the entire world, with the situation only getting worse.

As it currently stands, COVID-19 cases are soaring more than ever before in the UK. So much so in fact, that the UK has now officially become the country with highest new COVID-19 cases per capita worldwide.

What do the latest statistics reveal?

Latest data reveals that the numbers of new daily coronavirus infections has surpassed the 60,000 mark for the first time ever since the pandemic began. To put this into perspective, this figure translate to more than 800 positive coronavirus cases for ever million inhabitants. That means that about one in every 50 people living in the UK is currently battling the virus.

Even more staggering is the fact that these numbers are exponentially higher than the situation over in Italy, Spain or France at the moment –nearly four times the amount to be exact. And compared to new infections reported during the first wave back in April of last year, current statistics are 10 times higher than they were.

Cause for great concern

The only other country that comes close to the per capita rate here in the UK is the US. This is causing great concern to medical experts and members of the public alike.

Medical director for Public Health England, Yvonne Doyle says that:

The rapid rise in cases is highly concerning and will sadly mean yet more pressure on our health services in the depths of winter. That is why if we can, we must stay at home.

With others urging the public to respect the coronavirus safety measures that were put into place to slow down the effects of holiday reunions that played a pivotal role in skyrocketing infection rates.

A third lockdown has currently been imposed onto England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland and similar restrictions have been observed throughout the globe.

Italy is now the 5th country to report a case of new UK coronavirus strain Italy is now the 5th country to report a case of new UK coronavirus strain