Surgery Denied: Woman Can’t Fly Home Because Her Ovaries Could Burst!

Emma Getvoldsen flew to the United States to undergo a special operation. But when she needed a second operation, doctors refused to operate. However, without this operation, she won’t be able to get on a plane and fly back to the UK, because if she does, an important genital organ could burst!

Sometimes, there are strange reasons as to why someone may be prevented from returning home; be it an overly revealing outfit or a serious illness. As for Emma Getvoldsen from the UK, it turned out to be the latter. As the Mirror reported, this woman had flown over to the United States for ovarian surgery.

A rare condition

Because Emma Getvoldsen’s ovary had grown back after she had had it removed during a hysterectomy, the British woman travelled to a special clinic in the USA. The 40-year-old was already making headlines in 2017 because of her rare condition and because British doctors were unable to treat her, Emma used crowdfunding to raise £25,000 so she could receive special treatment at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. However, after her ovaries had grown back again, the 40-year-old travelled back to the USA to undergo another operation.

Debt instead of treatment

But instead of receiving treatment, the clinic told her that she in fact owed £55,000 for the previous treatment she had received, in addition to the £29,000 that her second operation would cost. However, Emma had been taking medication for a long time to enlarge her ovaries in preparation for the surgery and was in serious pain. It isn’t even possible for her to fly home because her ovaries could burst during the flight.

No money, no surgery

Therefore, until the British woman has the money, she cannot receive this operation, nor can she fly home. She misses her mother, boyfriend and father, who is currently recovering from cancer. Emma has not been able to go to work since 2016 as a result of countless ovarian cysts, illnesses, migraines, fevers and leg and back pain which have made her life very difficult indeed. But Emma still wants the operation regardless and said:

‘Even if I could fly back to the UK, I don’t want to go home until I’ve had the surgery. It’s my only chance of living a normal life again.’

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